About the Artist

Susan Miller: Artist’s Statement

The artwork of Susan Miller has been the passion of her lifetime. It has been created in groups of 3 different media and from four different inspirational founts.

The first springs from the Hebrew Bible, especially when the stories concern women. They were executed in marble and bronze.

The second grouping contains 2 dimensional in oil pastels. Their subjects, for the most part, are directly connected to music and her love of music.

The third group was created all during her career. The media is resin impregnated fabric. It has been a continual experimentation and exploration of how they may be used in sculpture.

Susan has authored two books of her sculptures and continually exhibited throughout the United States.


A small track is marked on the stone where I have worked all day. Weariness prickles me and I see no logic to this slow, hard work. By morning I will somehow retrieve my hopeful energy.

– Susan Miller

Marble carving is an elemental combat. I force myself upon it. My soft body, if I am very patient, will overpower this lump until it is occupied by me. Then, when the vanquished is left in some exhibit, it will have a separate life with some strange viewer.

But I, dear viewer, have had the virgin.

– Susan Miller